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  • Andy VinsonAndy Vinson
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      Hi all,

      I have just installed WMS Express and things are going pretty well so far. However one issue i cannot solve is how to update the BIN after i have created a Purchase Order Put-away. It doesnt matter if the PO has a Bin assigned on PO item Line or not, once i create the Putaway then the default bin is shown on the putaway doc/HH (which is fine) but i may want to be able to change Bins when putting away and i cannot seem to be able to change using the HH. When i try and scan an alterntive BIN, other than the notification saying SCAN_ITEM_WITH_BIN I cant then see any updates to the BIN code (even if I then scan the item Barcode) and if i use the MI_CHANGE_BIN all i see is an error ‘Bin Code cannot be found in related bin’ and yet i can open the putaway in BC and amend using alternative BIN Code and then when i return to the HH i can see the bin has been updated.

      What am i missing ?

      TIA Andy

      Andy VinsonAndy Vinson
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        Part 2 of this issue is also Bin related.

        When trying to ‘transfer inventory/movement’ from one Bin to another, i have created Item Journal and have opened the ADHOC func on HH but when scanning BIN barcode, again i can’t see anything actually happening..

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        john atkinsonjohn atkinson
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          For your first inquiry, Make your way to Business Central, Device Configuration page, select device configuration you are working with, Scroll down to the warehouse section, under general you find a setting called Place Bin Handling, set that to Overwrite with Prompt, this will allow the change of Bin during the put-away process.

          For your second inquiry, I would recommend Making sure the column New Bin is visible on the screen during the ad-hoc movement. Make your way to Business Central, go to the applications page, select the ADHOCMOVE application, scroll down to Columns, find New Bin and make sure it is selected as column visible. I when then suggest moving it over on the handheld device so that is close to the left one of the first visible columns so you do not have to scroll over to confirm it took the bin scan. When you scan the new bin there will not be a confirmation however the new bin scan column will populate with the new bin that was scanned.


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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