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      We have 2 accounts with a major carrier because one has discounted rates for certain packages.  I’ve created both accounts in easypost and 2 separate carriers, shipping agent codes, etc (XXX, XXXB) in Business Central. Everything appears to work properly except a) when the rates are queried in the license plate process, it must get the name from easypost while 2 rates come up, they both say XXX.  I know which one to choose based on the package and the rate.  The rate listed properly and the salesshipment document Shipping Agent Code reflects XXXB; however, b) when the label and tracking number are created, it will sometimes print a label for XXX.  Thus the carrier is billing the XXX account when we wish the XXXB account to be billed.  I’m unsure where to look for the disconnect.  Any thoughts are appreciated.

      Sales Shipment Screen example:

      Tracking Number          Shipping Agent Code
      CCXXX1234                     XXXB
      CCXXXA1235                  XXXB
      CCXXX1236                     XXX
      Lines 1 and 2 should box have tracking numbers in the CXXXA sequence.

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        You can only use 2 accounts with the same carrier if the sales order and/or warehouse shipment always selects the specific shipping agent before getting the label. Rate shopping will not work with 2 accounts because they are only identified by name.

        The recommendation would be to contact your carrier rep to request the two accounts to be merged so that you don’t need to keep bouncing back and forth between multiple accounts.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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