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  • Micah TrujilloMicah Trujillo
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      We have a client who is trying to use WMS Express in their production environment.  In the Test environment they were able to use the application without issue, but in the production environment they cannot select documents in any of the pages.  For example, the Picking page from the Test environment has a left-hand pane where they can “Close” and “Choose” documents (this is normal).  In the production environment the left-hand pane is blank and there is no option to “Close” or Choose” documents and even if they double click on the document it does not open.  The configuration appears the same in both environments as the Test environment is simply a copy of the Production environment.  I would attach screenshots but I could not figure out how to upload them.  Please assist.


      Roberto HernandezRoberto Hernandez
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        Hi Micah,

        It seems that i have the same issue,

        Can you share, how did you solve it?

        With best regards,


        Micah TrujilloMicah Trujillo
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          Hi Roberto,

          I ended up opening a support ticket with Insight Works and they identified that the extension version in the Production environment was slightly different than the extension version in the Test environment.  Probably because the Test environment had been updated and Production hadn’t.  I updated the WMS Express extension in the Production environment to the latest version and it worked.  Probably want to ensure that the app on the warehouse devices is also the latest version.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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