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      I have a question

      Can i use the Warehouse insight app to read the barcode from the item using mobile camera.

      Let me know if it is possible.

      Bryan GilbertBryan Gilbert
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        Hey there,

        Absolutely! There are a few steps, but nothing too complicated.

        First, in the Warehouse Insight App, you’ll want to navigate into the Configuration menu, under the Barcoding Tab.

        You’ll see a “use Camera” toggle, which you’ll want to turn on. Additionally, under this toggle, you can specify which barcode formats you want to camera to check for.

        Finally, you’ll need to grant permission to the app to use the camera. A pop up should appear once you enable the camera.


        From then on, there should be a camera icon in the corner of your screen. Just tap that to switch to the camera, which will allow you to scan barcodes.

        If for whatever reason the icon doesn’t appear, just reload the configuration from the main menu and that should make it pop up.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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