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  • Steve SimonSteve Simon
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      Please someone explain how to test Barcode Rules for WMS Express.

      I am trying to extract this ISBN barcode


      But the scanner picks up  this barcode as Code 128. It has an unwanted prefix of “011” and an unwanted suffix of “50001”. Here is what the scanner shows.

      After scratching my head, trying to learn Regex, I came up with the following formula. It seems to work, logically. How do I use it to test the barcode rules for Item number. If I put in the straight Item number, without the prefix or suffix, Barcode Rules returns the actual inventory item, just fine. It uses the default expression of $1. Here is my formula: /[^011]\d…………./

      Marc said to study Regular Expressions in order to parse the scans. How can I apply that to the Barcode Rules page in WMS Express?

      Steve Simon
      PDG Consultants

      Insight WorksErik Garstad
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        Hi Steve,

        Once you’ve created your barcode rule, you can test it on the Insight Works Barcode Rules page in Business Central in two different ways:

        1. Enter the barcode data into the Barcode Data field on the page, then select Test > Test All Rules. This will run through all of the barcode rules, and if a matching rule is found, it will display the data that has been parsed from the barcode based on the rule.
        2. On the barcode rule line itself, there is a field called Sample Text. You can enter your barcode data into this field, and to the right of the field are a variety of Result fields that will populate with the parsed data.
        Christophe CharronChristophe Charron
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          We are struggling with UPC 128 barcodes and how to write the Regex expressions. We have the following informations in the barcode :

          (01) Case UPC barcode

          (10) Batch no.

          (15) Expiration date

          (30) Quantity

          Also, the batch numbers can vary in length and the order of the informations in the barcode can vary as well. Finally, not all products barcodes contains the same informations, as per the following barcodes examples:




          Can someone help us write a rule/multiple rules ?



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