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  • Edgar GuajardoEdgar Guajardo
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      Hi team!

      A client recently came to us with a preculiar request: Warehouse Receipts marked with a certain flag should only appear in the Business Central portal, not in the WMS Express app.

      I understand the OnBeforeWarehouseReceipt event acts before the list of Warehouse Receipts is sent to the customer, so I tried adding a conditional to it to exclude these Receipts. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to affect what the customer sees in the app, even when I set it in a way I believe should exclude all receipts.

      <div>    [EventSubscriber(ObjectType::Codeunit, Codeunit::”WHX Receiving Mgmt.”, OnBeforeGetWarehouseReceipt, ”, false, false)]</div>
      <div>    local procedure “WHX Receiving Mgmt._OnBeforeGetWarehouseReceipt”(var precWhseReceiptHeader: Record “Warehouse Receipt Header”; var ptrecEventParams: Record “IWX Event Param” temporary; var pbHandled: Boolean)</div>
      <div>    begin</div>
      <div>        pbHandled := true;</div>
      <div>    end;</div>

      <div>I imagine I’m either doing something wrong or misunderstanding the purpose of the WHX Receiving Mgmt. codeunit altogether. Could anyone give me some pointers?</div>

      Terri Vaive
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        Hello Edgar,
        We currently don’t support any modifications or code changes to any of our free products. You are welcome to try modifications or code changes yourself, but we would recommend that if you’re looking to make any changes to code to support your clients’ processes, that you upgrade to Warehouse Insight.
        We do have an Insight Works technical conference coming up in September that will cover off things like this:
        Thank you,
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      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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