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  • Boris IskrevBoris Iskrev
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    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for your detailed reply.

    I could not find the additional filed in the Shop Calendar however. Is this a feature to be activated or should be already added?

    In the Item’s MxAPS FastTab I can assign only a particular Shift Code and not the Shift Calendar which would be limiting the capacity to only particular machine, I suppose, and won’t allow constraint of multiple people using multiple machines.

    Thank you



    Mark GenglerMark Gengler
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    Hi Boris,

    MxAPS has secondary constraints to represent things like labor and tooling.  The setup for that would be as follows:

    1)  You create a Shop Calendar and when defining the working days and times we have a added an additional field where you can specify the quantity of operators available.

    2)  Create an item to represent the pool of operators.  In the MxAPS FastTab assign it the Shop Calendar you just created, and set the constraint tracking to constrain based on the availability of the item.  You would also need to set the time period over which the constraint applies by making sure the Fence Type is set to item and then entering a duration in the Lead Time Calculation in the Replenishment FastTab (past this time the system is allowed to go negative, so if this should never happen use a large value like 999 days).

    3)  Assign the new item to a work center or machine center in the Machine Constraints page.  The From Segment and To Segment allow you to define when the operator is needed.  For example you may only need an operator during the Setup activity or you may need them from the Setup to the Run.  The Release Segment defines if and when the constraint item is replenished, which is typically the case for an operator or a tool, and is typically the same value as the To Segment.  Finally the Logic determines if a fixed quantity of the secondary constraint item is needed or if it depends on order quantity.


    Forum: MxAPS

    Insight Works
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    The Graphical Scheduler is an interactive Gantt chart to display the base NAV/BC schedule and give the user a simple method for changing when or where operations schedule by dragging them in that Gantt chart view. Whereas MxAPS is a completely separate planning and scheduling system that has its own rules for sequencing and grouping. It bypasses many of the limitations of the built in scheduling Business Central has by allowing multiple work centers or machine centers per operation, adding a secondary constraint model to handle tooling and labor resources, and it can consider setup reduction between items that share similar attributes.

    As to when to use one over the other I’d say if you are interested in a quick drop in to let users make manual schedule tweaks to what Business Central plans in a Gantt chart view, go with the Graphical Scheduler. If you are looking to add scheduling intelligence to the process to build better constraint based schedules using software and trying to limit the amount of manual intervention that has to take place MxAPS would be what you want.

    Karen PasitneyKaren Pasitney
    Post count: 8

    What is the difference in functionality between the Graphical Scheduler and MxAPS?

Viewing 5 results - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)