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    Hi Calvin,

    The ‘=ReplaceWithAPercentEncodedCompanyName’ is auto generated in the web service and is not meant to be replaced.

    Below are the basic steps to configure WMS Express:

    1. Install the Extension and turn on the HttpClientRequests toggle in Extension Management for IWorks Common and WMS Express.
    2. Run the Assisted setup for WMS Express
    3. Generate a WMS Express Installation Report, disable Insight Works Users if not in use, and select a Device Configuration Code. Please note: the Web service URL should be auto generated and not changed.
    4. Scan the step 1 barcode to download the application
    5. Scan the step 2 configuration barcode to configure the scanner (default config password is ‘1234’)
    6. Login using the Business Central credentials containing the IWORKS COMMON and WHX – ALL permission sets.

    You can also follow the steps for configuring Warehouse Insight from our Knowledge Base here: http://kb.dmsiworks.com/knowledge-base/configuring-the-software/

    If the barcode is not scanning into WMS Express there may be some additional configuration needed for the handheld settings depending on type of handheld.

    For Datalogic and Zebra handhelds: http://kb.dmsiworks.com/knowledge-base/configure-scanner-settings-for-memor-10-20-and-zebra/

    For Honeywell devices: http://kb.dmsiworks.com/knowledge-base/device-installation/