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Brandon EstradaBrandon Estrada
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    Hi Matthew,

    This looks like some additional settings need to be configured within the Honeywell Scanner’s settings. To make these changes, please follow the steps outlined below from our knowledge base. The article provides instructions for configuring the settings under the “Configure the Barcode/Scanning Settings” section. You can access the KB article for similar Honeywell Android devices at the following link: http://kb.dmsiworks.com/knowledge-base/device-installation/

    Here are the steps from the article:

    Set up Honeywell scanners for Warehouse Insight

    1. Navigate to Scanner Settings (Settings > Honeywell Settings > Scanning > Internal Scanner > Default Profile).
    2. Select Data Processing Settings and set the following:
    a. Disable Scan to Intent.
    b. Enable Data Intent.
    3. Tap on Data Intent and set Action to whibarcode.
    4. Open Warehouse Insight and navigate to Barcoding (Menu > Configure > Configuration password (1234) > Menu > Barcoding).
    a. Set Barcode Wedge to Android Intent.
    b. Input “whibarcode” in Intent Action.