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Brandon EstradaBrandon Estrada
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    Hi Brett,

    From the sounds of it the currently installed version of Warehouse Insight in Business Central is 2.10.

    To have the update pushed to the devices automatically you can ensure the ‘Android Device Version‘ is set to the currently installed version, 2.10, in the ‘Warehouse Insight Setup‘ page, on the scanner reloading the configuration will prompt for an update to the installed application.


    An alternative method to update the application on the scanner would be directly from the ‘Warehouse Insight installation Report’.

    1. From the Installation Report ensure the ‘Android Devices’ URL contains /2.10/ (or the currently installed version).

    2. Open the scanner’s web browser (Usually ‘Chrome’ or ‘Browser’ on most Android Scanners).

    3. Scan the Android Devices APK barcode from Step 1 of the Installation Report in the browser’s URL field.

    4. Select the Enter key beside the URL field (you will be automatically prompted to download the WHI APK).

    6. Open the downloaded file (from notifications or the ‘open’ button that pops up on screen), and accept the needed permissions.

    7. Click Yes to Update. Warehouse Insight should now be updated to the latest version.