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Insight WorksErik Garstad
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    Hi John,

    Warehouse Insight and WMS Express behave in the same way in this scenario.

    Your screenshot was of the Item Tracking dialog in WMS Express. If you’re seeing that screen on a warehouse pick it means that you do not have Warehouse Tracking enabled for the lot and/or serial numbers (Warehouse Tracking is a setting on the Item Tracking Code in Business Central). Using your example, my assumption is that you had a single pick line for a quantity of 10 for the item. If so, the Item Tracking dialog is displaying reservation entries for the underlying sales line, meaning there are lot and serial numbers already defined for the sales line prior to picking. To access the Item Tracking dialog in WMS Express you would need to have manually handled the pick line (by double-tapping it on the touchscreen or selecting the line and then tapping Menu > Change Quantity) rather than scanning an item barcode.

    What is your intended process for this scenario? If you could provide some additional context by answering the following questions it will be helpful:

    Is Specific Tracking enabled on the Item Tracking Code for the item in Business Central?

    Are you intentionally pre-defining the lot/serial numbers for the sales line before picking? If so, what is the reason for doing that?

    Do you want the users to be recording the lot/serial numbers while picking with the handhelds? (If so, what is the purpose of pre-defining the lot/serial for the sales line?) With Warehouse Tracking disabled on the Item Tracking Code, Business Central does not let you record the lot/serial numbers directly on the pick lines, the tracking information is instead recorded as reservation entries for the sales line. WMS Express allows you to record lot/serial numbers while picking in this scenario by giving users access to view/modify the reservation entries for the underlying sales line based on the pick line they’re updating. This is configurable on the WMS Express Device Configuration card in Business Central. You can change the Update Shipment on Pick setting to “No”, in which case the user will not be prompted to enter lot/serial numbers while picking. Using your example, they would just enter a total pick quantity of 10 for the item. If you do this, Business Central will use the lot/serial numbers you’ve pre-defined for the sales line, or, if no lot/serial numbers are pre-defined, you will need to enter them when processing the warehouse shipment in Business Central.

    Are users manually updating the pick lines, or do they have barcodes to scan? If they have barcodes, what information is encoded in the barcode? Is it just an item number or item reference, or does the barcode contain the lot and/or serial as well?