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Terri Vaive
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    Hello Jose,

    Our MxAPS advanced finite capacity scheduler is able to schedule and sequence production orders while honouring constraints on when purchase items are coming based on existing purchase orders. The system uses the expected receipt dates on the purchase order lines to do this. In the case there is a shortage of the item that isn’t covered by an existing purchase order line the system can also use the purchase lead time defined on the item with the shortage to ensure it isn’t trying to schedule the production order inside the lead time of the missing component item.

    You also mentioned sales orders, so I want to explicitly mention that our MxAPS application only schedules production orders.

    The Enhanced Planning Worksheet has the same underlying MRP functionality as the base BC Planning Worksheet, with the exception that it adds a purchase planning mode. I do not think that additional purchase planning mode will not provide any additional value in solving the problem you describe. At a high level our Enhanced Planning Worksheet contains many helpful user interface elements in the form of tabsheets and FastTabs to prevent you from having to leave the screen to look at item or SKU cards or to see summary information like past usage. And aside from the purchase planning mode it doesn’t fundamentally alter how BC MRP works.

    Thank you,