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Terri Vaive
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    Hi Armand,
    On the scanner side, Open Qty means the qty that hasn’t been handled. For example, if 4 items are coming in, after handling 1 item, the open qty will be 3. Open Qty reduces to zero when all items have been handled and user can post the received items.
    On the business central side, even 4 items have been handled, Qty to receive still shows 4 because they haven’t been posted yet. After posting from scanner, BC will update the fields accordingly.
    In your case, it looks like the scan behaviour is configured in a way that scanner is auto populating the number of items to be handled. you can use the Change qty button to modify the number if needed.
    You could change the scan behaviour so the enter qty shows zero for user to enter a qty. Or you can set to other options as desired. For example, user can choose to have scan each of the items, and the qty will increment by 1 after each scan.
    Regardless of the choice, we recommend you to test the changes in a testing environment first to ensure things work properly. To make setting changes in BC take effect, you need to Reload config on scanner.
    So this doesn’t seem to be an error but the way the scanner is configured. Let us know if you want to change and we could provide further instruction.