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Insight WorksErik Garstad
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    Hi Cassie,

    Thanks for reaching out. I’m assuming the full error message on the device is an “Unknown barcode” error like this:


    Error (v2.7.8180.1)

    Unknown barcode: [012345678912]


    If scanning the UPC works properly on a cell phone what’s likely happening is that the Memor10 is not configured to include either the first or last digit of the barcode. The first digit of a UPC barcode is called the “System digit” and the last digit is called the “Checksum”. You can confirm if this is the case by comparing the parsed barcode text in the “Unknown barcode” error (in the example above the parsed barcode text is “012345678912”) to the human-readable text on the barcode. They likely don’t match, and the parsed barcode text will likely be missing the first or last digit.

    You can configure the Memor10 to include the system digit and checksum as follows. It doesn’t matter which you include or exclude, as long as you set the matching value as the Item Reference in Business Central.

    1. From the Android home screen on the Memor10, go to Settings > Datalogic Settings > Scanner & decoder > Symbology settings > UPC-A (or UPC-E depending on the UPC symbology you’re scanning). If you’re not sure which symbology you’re scanning, the Memor10 has a “Scan Demo” application where can scan the barcode and it will show you the parsed text and what symbology it is.
    2. Make sure the “Enable” setting is turned on.
    3. Turn on (or off) the “Send checksum” and “Send system digit” settings depending on which digits you want to include based on the Item Reference you’ve entered in Business Central.
    4. Make sure the “Convert to xxx” settings are turned off.

    That’s it. Once you’ve made those changes the UPC barcode will scan properly in WMS Express.

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