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Terri Vaive
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    Hi Ole,

    This isn’t currently possible.

    Regardless of the installation, SaaS or On-prem, BC or NAV, there needs to be a local service installed that will allow the users on the production floor to access the Shop Floor Insight web client and log in.  As long as there is 1 Shop Floor Insight service in the customer’s network, then the users on the floor will be able to hit the URL and then scan their employee badge to create time cards.

    This Shop Floor Insight service needs to be configured for the BC/NAV company in question.
    Please see this page for more information on the installation and configuration of the service http://kb.dmsiworks.com/knowledge-base/before-you-begin-with-shop-floor-insight-2/

    Perhaps this changes in the future, but it is not expected to change anytime soon.