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Nathan SilvermanNathan Silverman
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    Hi Marti,

    Nathan from Insight Works here!

    I am not familiar with that specific device model, so the below might not be 100% applicable.

    It sounds like you have a keyboard wedge or [LF] enabled on the device’s internal scanner settings.

    When those are enabled, a scan inserts a line field ([LF]) after the scan, or acts as if you pressed the enter key. If either occurs, it will appear as if you scanned whichever line on the Warehouse Receipt is highlighted.

    Something a little more unlikely is that the barcode has a non-captured character in it, meaning that the item numbers could be XXXXXXXX1 versus XXXXXXXX2, therefore it doesn’t notice the difference in the last character. Again, this is more unlikely.

    An article from our knowledge base for other scanner models might point you in the right direction: Configure Scanner Settings for Memor 10/20 and Zebra – Insight Works Knowledge Base (dmsiworks.com)

    If you need to get on a call to have an Insight Works support representative assist, please email support@dmsiworks.com. Please note you would need to have a support plan for us to assist.