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Bryan GilbertBryan Gilbert
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    Hi Paul,

    This behavior is actually tied to the Device Configuration settings. You can use these settings to change how the device handle the scans if they come up as unknown. You would also want to verify whether the “Force Bin Prefix” option is enabled, and make sure that your barcodes match accordingly.

    The other thing to note here is that it shouldn’t prompt you each time if the bin matches, so there may be an issue with the barcode itself. I would recommend checking it against the “Execute Test” section of Warehouse Insight Barcode Rules to verify that the rules do indeed pick up as intended.

    If your goal is to change the application or workflow itself to modify the behavior, I would recommend creating a support ticket. This process can be in depth (Depending on complexity of course) and may require some guidance and testing. If you would like to submit a support ticket for this, you can do so by emailing support@dmsiworks.com.

    All of that being said, if you can verify that your settings should be taking the barcode as intended, then we can dig further into the issue.

    Let me know your thoughts, and I’ll be happy to help.