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Carlo MertensCarlo Mertens
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    We are using version 2.1.7920.1 and created an extension to add the Attachments factbox to the Assembly Order page.

    The standard BC way of selecting the file and uploading the file is working perfectly, but when we Drag and Drop the file we get an error:

    Error Details
    Error Text: The record is not open.
    Error Code: RecordNotOpened:TargetInvocation

    Error Callstack
    “IWX DocXtender”(CodeUnit 70097822).GetSharePointConfig – DocXtender by Insight Works
    “IWX Document Factbox Extension”(PageExtension 70097820).”IWXctrlDocXtender – GetConfig” – DocXtender by Insight Works

    We are not using SharePoint, but Document Attachment as File Storage Behavior in the DocXtender Setup.

    Should this work in this version of DocXtender or will this be available in a later version.