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Brett MacDonell
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    Hi Beth,
    This issue is because there was an empty Shop Floor activity code created in the “Shop Floor Activities” page and then someone renamed that blank activity code to “X”
    There shouldn’t be any blank codes here, as this can cause issues as you saw.
    What happened is someone renumbered this blank Shop Floor activity code to “X”. NAV then updated all of the touch points where the activity code was set to blank in Shop Floor Insight and set this value of “X” instead.
    This will then cause issues when the time card is prepared or closed, which explains the odd time card lines that you were seeing.
    We were able to fix this for your SF employee, but you will need to verify the other Shop Floor employees and the other Shop Floor shift patterns.
    In this case, delete all fields related to a Shop Floor Activity that has the value “X” as an activity code. (These should be blank)
    For the record, if this happens again, you will need to verify all of these record sets below where you might have this ‘incorrect’ activity code. And delete any value of “X” :
    • Shop Floor employee cards
    • Shop Floor Shift patterns (the details for each day of the week)
    • Shop Floor Payroll configuration
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