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    Travis –

    I have tried all the steps and the users are able to add to Sharepoint  and/or attach to BC with no issue,, etc.

    This seems to be an extension talking to Sharepoint issue.


    1. Can the user manually attach documents to the page in Business Central? Click the “Select file” action (or the + sign if links) to upload a file instead of dragging and dropping it. Are you trying to drag the file before the record has been created? -YES, records have been created for months

    2. Is the user set up in Business Central with both IWORKS COMMON and DOCX-USER (or higher) permission? -YES

    3. Does it make a difference if the user drags a file directly from Windows File Explorer instead of from an application? -NO

    4. In Extension Management, has “Allow HttpClient Requests” been enabled for both DocXtender and IWorks Common? Click the ellipses next to each to select “Configure” to check. -YES

    5. The base “Attachments” factbox must be visible on any page DocXtender will be used. If it does not show on the page, open personalization and make it visible. -YES, has been from the start when it was working.

    If attachments are not working with SharePoint:

    6. Can the user open the SharePoint site in the same browser as Business Central without being prompted to login? If they are prompted, DocXtender will not be able to connect automatically. The login is just cached in a browser SharePoint cookie, nothing is stored in Business Central. Exactly the same as if you log into SharePoint and use the “remember me” option. Running in a private window or different browser, or logging out of the Microsoft login, will prompt you to log into SharePoint again. -YES

    7. Make sure that both the SharePoint Site and SharePoint Host fields are filled in on DocXtender Setup. -YES, was setup when it was working and now doesn’t work

    8. Can the user manually create SharePoint folders and drag & drop a file into the new folder when not using DocXtender? -YES,

    9. Try removing the SharePoint Folder from the DocXtender Setup to see if that helps. The user might have access to the root SharePoint site, but not to sub-folders.-users have access to all folders, even tried with multiple sites to the same result.

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