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Travis PlettTravis Plett
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    Here are some steps to troubleshoot using SharePoint in DocXtender:
    1. Can the user manually attach documents to the page in Business Central?
    2. Is the user set up in Business Central with both IWORKS COMMON and DOCX-USER (or higher) permission?
    3. Does it make a difference if the user drags a file directly from Windows File Explorer instead of from an application?
    If the file is not visible in SharePoint:
    4. Can the user open the SharePoint site in the same browser as Business Central without being prompted to login? If they are prompted, DocXtender will not be able to connect automatically.
    5. Can the user manually create SharePoint folders and drag & drop a file into the new folder when not using DocXtender?
    6. Make sure that both the SharePoint site and host fields are filled in on DocXtender Setup.
    7. Try removing the SharePoint Folder from the DocXtender Setup to see if that helps. The user might have access to the root SharePoint site, but not to sub-folders.