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    Version 1.3 which should be hitting appsource soon has an experimental feature to show job planning lines.

    You’re welcome to experiment with it when you’re on 1.3 and provide feedback. Feedback can be send to support@dmsiworks.com, with the subject line “Graphical Scheduler Experimental Feature Feedback”.

    To see job data:

    1. Make sure you’re on version 1.3, this ability won’t exist in older versions.
    2. Navigate to Graphical Scheduler Setup.
    3. In the ‘advanced’ section click “I understand”, this should enable a section called ‘Experimental Features’
    4. In the ‘experimental features’ section, click ‘Show more’.
    5. Change the Experimental features setting from “Disable Experimental Features” to “Enable Experimental Features”.
    6. Save the changes.
    7. Navigate to the Graphical Scheduler.
    8. Click on the ‘View’ action.
    9. Edit your current view.
    10. Click ‘Add Datasource’.
    11. You should now see an option called “Experimental – Job Planning Lines”.