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Tim DimsdaleTim Dimsdale
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    Yes there is a quality inspection system built into Shop Floor Insight; the app that runs in a Chrome web browser with the tethered scanner.

    It’s not a perfect match for what you’re asking:

    • Out of box it is all human driven; so a human has to press a button to create a quality inspection; there is no ability to force one to exist.
    • A quality inspection recorded through Shop Floor Insight is associated with a released production order routing line; not an individual.

    It’s used to ensure things like checklists, or quality measures, etc… on each step on a released production order have recordings (although nothing will enforce whether or not it exists).

    The process flow would be:

    1. Scan a badge to login to the scanning station.
    2. Have a selected time card referencing a production order (or scan onto it to create one).
    3. Click the button to record a quality inspection; when the quality inspection panel is visible.
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