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Terri Vaive
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    Hello Prathmesh,
    There could be numerous reasons why those fields are not being set as you expect. It could be the data file you are importing, the settings you are using in the Import Export PowerTool for the Import operation, and even extensions you have installed.
    Assuming your data is correct and no other extensions are impacting it, here are some settings you may want to consider:
    • Do you have Validate Field Data enabled? It could be you are validating other fields causing those fields to result in different values than expected. You can try disabling the validation or move those fields to the end of the data file so they are imported last and are set after other fields are validated.
    • Do you have Allow Record Updates enabled? If the record already exists such as from running import before or manually creating the record, if you run the import again without the update enabled it will skip it during the import.
    You can also verify your import settings using the following Knowledge Base article, https://kb.dmsiworks.com/knowledge-base/import-export-powertool-import-data/.
    Thank you,