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Mark GenglerMark Gengler
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    Hi <span class=”bbp-author-name”>Astrid,</span>

    That error is usually the result of a blank value in one of “Time Unit of Meas. Code” fields in [Prod. Order Routing Line] which can occur if that “Time Unit of Meas. Code” is also missing in [Routing Line].  There are four fields to check and they are “Setup Time Unit of Meas. Code “, “Run Time Unit of Meas. Code”, “Wait Time Unit of Meas. Code “, and “Move Time Unit of Meas. Code”.  These fields are typically hidden, so you may have to use the Page Inspector (Ctrl-Alt-F1) to see which one(s) are blank and add them so you can change them.

    The Work Center Card page also has a “Unit of Measure Code” and both the Work Center Card and Machine Center Card pages have a “Queue Time Unit of Meas. Code”.

    If you ensure these fields have non-blank values that should resolve the error, although it is possible you have additional [Prod. Order Routing Line] records with issues.