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    When connecting to a Business Central cloud environment, you will want to use OAuth as the login method. You can select that option from the Warehouse Insight Device Configuration report or the Warehouse Insight Installation report. A Windows login method would be used when connecting to an on-premise Business Central instance configured with either the Windows or NavUserPassword credential-types.

    To scan the configuration barcode, from the Windows login screen, you can select the back arrow on your device until you are brought to a blank screen in the Warehouse Insight application and scan the new barcode from there. If you are prompted for a configuration password, the default password is 1234.

    The other method to change the login mode would be to select the menu at the top of the blank screen, select Configure, and input the configuration password. Then you can select the menu and navigate to Logins. From there you can change the method to OAuth and then select the menu to close and save changes.