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    Hi Jun,

    Thanks for reaching out. Some of our applications require Azure consent to be granted. In Business Central, navigate to Microsoft Entra Applications (formerly known as Azure Active Directory Applications). If an entry for WMS Express doesn’t exist, you can use the following information to create it:

    • Client ID: {3a171073-4bea-41f2-af3b-0431195184f8}
    • Description: Warehouse Insight
    • State: Enabled
    • User Permission Sets: D365 BUS FULL ACCESS, IWORKS COMMON, WHI – ALL
      • Note: An Azure Administrator for the tenant will need to grant this consent. This can be done by selecting the “Grant Consent” action at the top of this page entry.

    Once consent has been granted. Let’s generate another installation report.

    • Select the desired configuration code.
    • Service Type: OData
    • Login Method: OAuth
    • Toggle off the use of Additional Insight Works users if they are not in use.
    • Select either print or preview and close.

    On the emulator, open the Warehouse Insight application, and navigate to the home screen (you’ll see Warehouse Insight titled at the top with either a blank screen, or scratchpad). Scan the Step 2 barcode from the installation report. If needed, you can also navigate to Menu > Configure (default password is 1234) > Menu > System. Here you can manually configure the application to your environment if needed. Note that if you are manually configuring the application, please ensure that the login method has been updated as well to OAuth. This can be done by selecting Menu > Configure > Menu > Logins. Once complete, select Menu > Close and sign in.

    If you are ever prompted for a configuration password, the default password is 1234

    For more information on installing the extension, I would recommend reviewing the following knowledge base article: https://kb.dmsiworks.com/knowledge-base/configuring-the-software/

    Please ensure that the user also has the following permission sets: 6. User Logins – Insight Works Knowledge Base (dmsiworks.com)