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Daniel RimmelzwaanDaniel Rimmelzwaan
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    Oh one more thing about the image – this is actually showing the image control with ‘fit to size’, to demonstrate that the blank right hand size portion is part of the image. I had observed the blank area with any dimension and of course was surprised to see that extreme dimension ratios (1000×10, 10×1000, did not really affect the returned image. Unless I am misunderstanding the way I’m supposed to call this function, the width/height parameters are not accurate.

    The pixel number is supposed to be about 150 pixels per inch. The width/height of the image control is 1.45751 x 0.44792, so I expect that a width of 219 and a height of 67 would give me what I need, but the returned image is not filling the image control, and then I set the control to ‘fit to size’ and I get what you see in the image above