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Mark GenglerMark Gengler
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    Hi Sharon,

    I’m unclear from your description what page you are talking about, so I’ll run down the possible ones:

    The Enhanced Planning Worksheet will accept a standard BC filter expression on Item Category Code since it uses the same page as the BC Planning Worksheet.

    The Item Planning Review and Enhanced Forecast Worksheet only allow a single selection of Item Category Code.  However, in the Item Planning Review the Item Category Code appears in the output, so you can use a standard BC filter expression on the output, so this should not prevent you from doing anything.  This is not true of the Enhanced Forecast Worksheet output.

    It is technically possible to change the above two pages to use a standard filter, at the cost of some performance.  I have logged an item for the product team to consider that functionality in a future release.  I also logged the inability for Parent type Item Category Codes to function in those two pages as well.