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Travis PlettTravis Plett
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    Based on this message you almost certainly have not specified either the proper batch name and/or the proper journal template in the import file. The data will be in the table, just not visible in the journal/batch you are looking at.
    To see the data in the table, use the “Page Inspector” in Business Central (ctrl+alt+f1) on the journal and then click “view table” – that will show the imported data and what journal/batch values were imported.
    Your Business Central partner can assist you with the correct data layout required to import journals.
    Below is a sample for a general journal from Cronus sample data that shows the fields required.
    Before importing it, you would need a general journal batch called “example”, along with the same customer/account numbers.
    Journal Template Name Journal Batch Name Line No. Posting Date Document Type Document No. Account Type *Account No. Currency Code Tax Group Code *Amount Bal. Account Type *Bal. Account No.
    GENERAL EXAMPLE 10000 8/22/2022 Invoice G00001 Customer 01454545 USD 1,234.56 G/L Account 13100
    GENERAL EXAMPLE 20000 8/22/2022 G00001 G/L Account 11200 TAXABLE 9,876.54 Bank Account CHECKING