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    That message means you have an invalid printer defined in your PrintNode app on your workstation. You will need to delete all inactive printers from the PrintNode Printers page in Business Central, and then you will need to log into your PrintNode account and remove inactive printers so that only valid online printers remain:
    If you cannot get all of your printers online, you will need to contact support@printnode.com directly for assistance.
    Once all printers are online, you can refresh the list of PrintNode printers in Business Central:
    Note: PrintNode has a default limit of 100 printers per account, so it is important to stop sharing all unused “Print To Fax”, “Print To PDF”, “Print To OneNote”, “Print To XPS”, and any other printer drivers that are not actually going to be used. If you still have over 100 actual printers after cleaning up the list, change PrintNode Printers List URL = https://api.printnode.com/printers?limit=250 on the PrintNode Setup page.
    For more info on additional tags that can be added to the URL, see the PrintNode documentation: