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    Hi Sunny,

    Thanks for reaching out! To reset the configurations without uninstalling the extension, I would recommend re-running the assisted setup for Warehouse Insight as this will reset it to the base configurations.

    The error “Event No. [x] is missing” is usually due to having both WMS Express installed alongside Warehouse Insight Advanced WMS. These extensions are not compatible and can cause issues when installed together. By uninstalling WMS Express, it should resolve the issue. Once WMS Express is uninstalled, in Business Central, navigate to Extension Management and verify “Allow HttpClient Requests” is toggled on for IWorks Common Warehouse Insight Advanced WMS.

    On the Device:

    If you receive the error “WHI_ExecuteEventJson” after uninstalling WMS Express I would recommend navigating to Web Services in Business Central and verify that the following Codeunit is available, if not it will need to be created using the following information:

    1. Object Type: Codeunit
    2. Object ID: 23044900
    3. Object Name: WHI Data Broker
    4. Service Name: WHI
    5. Toggle on the checkbox for Published.