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Terri Vaive
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    Hello Shameka,

    Yes, it is possible for multiple Shop Floor employees to clock onto the same operation of the same production order on each of their respective time cards, but someone will need to clock them on manually for each of the time cards. This is because it is 1 Shop Floor time card per employee.

    If you mean to do so across multiple Shop Floor Insight time cards with one barcode, no that isn’t possible.

    However, if you mean to clock onto multiple operations on the same time card, yes this can be done with certain barcodes.

    This is done via the barcode generated from the following two reports in Business Central:

    Shop Floor Production Order Label 4×6
    Shop Floor Production Order Line Label 4×6

    The first report will give you 1 barcode for all routing lines of a Released Production Order and all corresponding production order lines, while the 2nd report will give you 1 barcode for all routing lines for the corresponding production order line. You would have 1 barcode for each Production Order line for the 2nd report.

    These two reports will also consider what current filters you have configured in the Shop Floor Setup page and also the filter set on the corresponding Shop Floor Client Configuration card. See the setting called “Prod. Routing Custom Filter” on either page.

    If for example you are only seeing the operations for Work Center “A” and “B” in the production dispatch list, then scanning the first barcode will clock you onto all routing lines assigned to the BC Work Center “A” and “B”, for all Production order lines. And the 2nd report will clock you onto operations for Work Center “A” and “B” for the Production Order line in question.

    In this scenario, since you would be clocking onto multiple routing lines at the same time, on the same time card, you need to allow multiple open time card lines. This is done via a setting found on the Shop Floor Client configuration card called “Time Entry Mode”. The setting needs to be set to “Auto – same entry only”. Don’t forget to do a CTRL-F5 on the scanning stations after any setting is changed in BC.

    There is also another option for group time cards, but this option will not multiply the amount of time on the production orders. That is to say, if you have 5h of run time for a production order on the group time card and you have say 5 SF employees “on this group time card” you will end up with a total of 5h of run time against that production order. That is all. This group time card functionality is mostly for payroll reasons as this function would also create a time card for each Shop Floor employee on the group time card – for a total of 5 time cards with 5h of payroll time, and there is no multiplication of the run time for the various activities on the group time card.

    If you have any questions, I ask that you submit a ticket to our support portal via support@dmsiworks.com.

    Thank you,