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    Hi Mark,

    Thank you for your replay. Still not getting the results that i want. So some additional questions:

    • If i have one to one work centre and machine centre then constraint(people) should be set to witch one? To work centre or machine centre and why?
      • If One work centre has several machine centres then where this people item constraint should be assigned?
    • If i have different shop calendar code for work centre and different for restraint item (people) then:
      • Where i should assign shop calendar exceptions? On the restraint item (people) code or on work centre calendar code?
      • Should work centre shop calendars working days have value in Available Resources or it should be 0?
      • Where holidays should be assigned like Christmas and New Years? On the constraint calendar or on the work centre?
    • Are constraints visible in graphic scheduler?
      • Should i see it in workload view that capacity is less?
      • If i have restrained capacity to 0 for day 15 and there is one order that goes over several days (13-18) including this day 15 will visual show it blank or it is still filled?

    Lets go over also this question and answer:

    Q: So if i want to say that day X i have available from 40 people only 30 then i would go to Shop calendar exceptions, mark shop calendar code, date, time and available recourse 30? System will understand that now i cannot assign 8 people per machine but 6.

    A:  You can use a Shop Calendar Exception to change the quantity of operators available on that specific date, however the work centre or machine centre constraints you previously created list a fixed quantity of 8, which means the system would continue to require 8 per machine centre running.

    New Questions:

    • On machine centre constraint what does this quantity required mean exactly? If i have Fixed Quantity and Quantity required 8 then it means that for processing 1 order i need 8 people or it tells that i can operate 8 orders? And if i say that i have available only 7 people for specific day, what will happen from planning perspective?