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Mark GenglerMark Gengler
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    Hi Terje,

    In answer to your questions:

    Q: Is it okay that I’m using same shop calendar code for item and for work/machine centres? Should they be different/ separate not to confuse system/ calculations?

    A: Using the same code is not a problem.  Some people will create multiple constraint items because it gives them more precise control what quantities of operators are available to certain work centers or machine centers.

    Q: So if i want to say that day X i have available from 40 people only 30 then i would go to Shop calendar exceptions, mark shop calendar code, date, time and available recourse 30? System will understand that now i cannot assign 8 people per machine but 6.

    A:  You can use a Shop Calendar Exception to change the quantity of operators available on that specific date, however the work center or machine center constraints you previously created list a fixed quantity of 8, which means the system would continue to require 8 per machine center running.

    Q: If i want to say that from 12:00-14:00 i don’t have any resource then i will make shop calendar exception to related people item shop Calendar Code and mark start and end date from 12:00-14:00 and available recourse 0.

    A: A Shop Calendar Exception for a specific date will completely override the Shop Calendar Working Days record for that day of the week.  You would need to list any hours those labor constraint items are available on that date, not just the change for the two hour period.

    Q: Once i have marked or changed some of the  shop calendar exceptions do i need to recalculate machine centres or production orders or I just can initiate Generate Schedule task and those exceptions will be considered?

    A: Generating a schedule is the only thing you need to do.  BC doesn’t use these records so there is no need to recalculate.