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Terri Vaive
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    Hello Lindsay,

    I think you may need to review the configuration of the data source. Open up the view in question and click on “Configure” in the “Configure What Displays in This view” section of the view. You need to change the field called “Starting Field No.” in the “When Is It” section.
    This will configure what date is visible and used as columns in the Graphical Scheduler. I believe when you select table 37 for Sales Lines on “What Is It”, “Table No.” you will automatically get field #5795 as the “Starting Field No.” in the “When Is It” section which is the planned Shipment date. Instead, you likely want the actual Shipment date #10 in this field instead of 5795.
    In my test I also removed the Ending Field No. in that same section.
    In addition, in the “What Order To change Fields when Writing” section you need to set  “Starting Date and Time” in the bottom section.
    You can also change the tooltip displayed and the contents of the cell in the Cell Template found in the data source section of the view.
    If you have any further issues I would recommend you send us an email at support@dmsiworks.com.
    Thank you,