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    DocXtender just adds a drag & drop interface for new attachments – it does not manage attachments or links once they have been created. If an existing link or attachement has gone missing, you will need to contact your Business Central partner or Microsoft directly.

    If this is only affecting new attachments, make sure that pop-ups and URL links are not being blocked in the browser or by a third party security application on the workstation. Check the workstation and browser for all security apps including: browser add-ons, firewall, anti-virus, anti-malware, popup blocker, spam blocker. A good test would be to try it on a brand new PC or VM that has nothing but the operating system installed.
    Can the user open the SharePoint site in the same browser as Business Central without being prompted to login? If they are prompted, DocXtender will not be able to connect automatically. The login is just cached in a browser SharePoint cookie, nothing is stored in Business Central. This is exactly the same as if you log into SharePoint and use the “remember me” option. Running in a private window or different browser, or logging out of the Microsoft login, will prompt you to log into SharePoint again. If the browser cannot save the SharePoint login it will not be able to retrieve the link after the file is sent.