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Melonie WoodMelonie Wood
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    Hi John, the Import Export PowerTool does work well with journal imports. It’s possibly that the file you’re using does not have the fields set up properly. Below is sample text that you can copy and paste into Excel to see the details and will properly import into a General Journal batch called “EXAMPLE” in a Cronus database with the accounts listed in the file. Hope this helps!


    Journal Template Name Journal Batch Name Line No. Posting Date Document Type Document No. Account Type *Account No. Currency Code Tax Group Code *Amount Bal. Account Type *Bal. Account No.
    GENERAL EXAMPLE 10000 8/22/2022 Invoice G00001 Customer 01454545 USD 1,234.56 G/L Account 13100
    GENERAL EXAMPLE 20000 8/22/2022 G00001 G/L Account 11200 TAXABLE 9,876.54 Bank Account CHECKING