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Tim MillerTim Miller
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    We have been using docXtender for a while now and are wanted to switch from “BC Database storage” to “SharePoint storage”. the two key features I see missing from DocXtender that are in other similar apps are custom mapping and sync or move options.

    It would be very helpful if there was a table mapping that could be changed or edited. Instead of having all attachments go to Site>Library>folder being able to map them out much like Blair stated previously.

    • <company>.sharepoint.com
      • Business Central Documents (Library)
        • Customer Folder (Name-CustomerNo.)
          • Contracts/Agreements
          • Orders (DocNumber)
          • Invoices (DocNumber)
        • Vendors
          • <subfolder>
        • Items
          • <subfolder>
          • <subfolder>

    Once this mapping is created the option to sync or move current attachments from the BC Database to the SharePoint site would be very helpful.