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    Hi Lindsay,

    Thank you for contacting support. We’ll need additional information to troubleshoot this:
    What version (include the minor version i.e. BC19.5 or 22.3) of Business Central is this new tenant on? Is it On-Prem or SaaS?
    What version of Warehouse Insight is on the device/emulator?
    Is this being done on an emulator or an/a Android/Windows scanner?

    Here are some things you can check:

    Please look at the steps below and see if you’re performing them when configuring:
    1. Select the environment that you want to configure to.
    2. Go into the Extension Management page of the environment.
    3. Filter to display Insight Works products.
    4. Check each application and ensure the HTTP request toggles are enabled for each entry.
    5. Go to the Users page and ensure the user you’re trying to use on the scanner has the following permission sets IF it doesn’t have the SUPER permission set: WHX – ALL and IWORKS COMMON
    6. Go to WMS Express Installation Report.
    7. Configure the settings:
    For SaaS:
    Disable the “Use Additional Insight Works User Logins” toggle if you are not using this feature.
    For On-Prem:
    Disable the “Use Additional Insight Works User Logins” toggle if you are not using this feature.
    8. Hit Preview & Close.
    9. Go into the application and use the configuration barcode to configure the app to the environment.

    You can also try deleting the application storage (if this is on an Android OS):
    1. On the home page of the device/emulator where the Warehouse Insight application is. Long press on the application.
    2. On the window that pops up, select App Info.
    3. On this new page, select Storage.
    4. On the Storage page, select Clear Data/Storage. This will make it so that the application runs like a fresh installation and removes all cached logins/data.
    5. Log In.

    Please let us know if any of these suggestions help you with the issue.