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Terri Vaive
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    Hello Joseph,

    There are three scenarios to consider:

    1. The customer is SaaS and SaaS customers require a cloud printing solution. Business Central is not reading your local printers, it is using the web browser to facilitate printing. For example, when you are using the Barcode Generator tool and the Printer Field at the top of the request page is set to “Handled by Browser”. Warehouse Insight does not print via a web browser and communicates to Business Central via web services.
    2. The customer is SaaS and uses Microsofts Universal Print. Universal Print is a cloud printing solution similar to PrintNode, however it is not recommended as it does not have fast performance. It is also a potentially more costly solution.
    3.  The customer is On-Prem, in which case Cloud printing solutions are not required.

    Thank you,