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WMS Express is designed to be used with a barcoding system. You will often be prompted to scan a document, bin, or item. If you do not have a barcode to scan, and there is no way to manually select or enter the required information, you can simulate a scan using the keyboard on your device. To simulate a scan, type <barcodecontent>. For example, to simulate a scan for an item called “Bicycle”, type <Bicycle>. To simulate a scan for a bin called “BIN-01”, type <BIN-01>. While typing there is no indication that you are simulating a scan, but as soon as you type the greater than sign (>) the simulated scan will be processed.


If you want to simulate a scan on an Android device with no physical keyboard, you may need to install an onscreen keyboard that can be opened at any time. Hacker’s Keyboard (available on the Google Play Store) is one option. In the Hacker’s Keyboard settings, enable the Use permanent notification setting. This will allow you to open the keyboard at any time by tapping the notification in the notification bar.

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