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Some carriers offer a discount on shipping with a predefined package. You can configure optional predefined packages for a carrier in NAV with Dynamic Ship 2.2.2 or Business Central with Dynamic Ship 2.5 or higher.
  1. Open the Dynamic Ship Carrier List page and select the desired carrier (must be selected before rate shopping).
  2. Click on the Carrier menu.
  3. Select Predefined Packages and select one option for the package to be associated to:
    • Shipping Agent Service Code
    • License Plate Template Code
  4. Enter a valid predefined package for the carrier.
Note: The full list of predefined packages available for each carrier can be found here.
Note: Predefined packages are a billing function, not a service. Most carriers do not allow testing of billing functions. The carrier’s test server is only for testing the label creation process and is not tied to billing; the test server may not recognize alternate rates. To try these settings, switch to the production EasyPost API key in Dynamic Ship Freight Integration Providers. Once labels have been generated, the order can be refunded in Dynamic Ship 2.5 or on the EasyPost website. Ensure you reset to the test API key when finished to prevent production orders from being created.
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