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Accessing the Configuration Screen

There are several configuration settings for the Android version of Warehouse Insight that can be used or adjusted as needed.

  1. Select the button to enter the configuration menu.
  2. Select Configure.
Note: The default password is 1234.

The System Configuration Screen

The System screen is the default configuration screen, where you configure the connection to your environment. You are presented with three settings within this screen:

  • Configuration Code: represents the Location within your Business Central environment that the scanner is intended to connect to.
  • Web Service: the URL connection string to connect to the Company you are using within you Business Central environment. This can be found within the Web Services menu in Business Central, using the SOAP URL Listed next to the WHI Data Broker object.
  • Company Name: the name of the company you are connecting to within your Business Central environment.

Once these settings are configured, you can use this menu to change warehouse locations within your setup. The only field requiring adjustment is the Configuration Code field.

To navigate away from this menu, select the  button in the top left of the screen.

The Login Configuration Screen

This Login Configuration Screen is used to change the login authentication method used within your environment. Configure the menu by clicking and selecting the appropriate method to be used.

This menu contains the Login Method field with the following three options:

Option Description
None This connection should only be used for On Premises setups running installs of Business Central 14 or below, when logins are not enabled. This uses the Service User to track scanner activity.

You are not prompted to log in using this method.

Windows This setting is used for SaaS setups, Business Central 15 and above On Premises setups, and Business Central 14 and below when logins are enabled.

  • For SaaS setups, the user logs in using their Business Central Username and the Web Service Access Key (this can be found in their user card) as the password.
  • For Business Central 15 and above On Premises setups, a Business Central service with NAVUserPass credentials is required to connect. The user can use either their respective Username/web service access key or their Username/Business Central password.
  • For Business Central 14 and below On Premises setups, this method is used when logins are enabled for the IIS Web Service. The user can log in using the same information they use to log into Business Central.
User/Custom This option is useful for when Insight Works Users (IWX Users) are being used. This option can be used for both SaaS and On Premises versions of Business Central. For this setup, IWX Users need to be set in the Insight Works User page.

Users are asked to log in twice: Once for the Business Central User; a second time for the IWX user. If the User credentials are saved, subsequent logins only require the IWX User.

The Device Screen

The Device screen has the following fields:

  • Decimal Places: Used to set the default number of decimal places to show when displaying numbers throughout the application.
  • Show Page Animations: When enabled, creates a transition effect when navigation through menus or applications.
  • Configuration Password: Can be used to change the default configuration password (1234).
  • Menu Behavior
  • Font Size, Grid Header Font Size, and Grid Data Font Size: Change the sizing of the font within the various menus and applications.
  • Status Bar Display: Changes what information is displayed at the bottom on the scanner in the blue bar. You can choose between Blank, Company Name, or Location Code.
  • Connection Timeout (seconds): Determines how long the scanner attempts connection before timing out. The default is 60 seconds.

The options presented in the screen below are preference based.

The Barcoding Screen

The Barcoding screen can be used to configure the default behavior of how the scanner handles barcode images. The scanner itself may have default settings that can affect this behavior. The Barcoding screen has the following fields:

  • Barcode Wedge
  • Prefix and Suffix: determine what is added to the beginning and ending of a scan. This is useful in WHI, since the default scan behavior is to treat barcodes with a < prefix and > suffix. If these fields are changed, the scan behavior within Business Central needs to be changed as well.
  • Use Camera: used to determine your scanning method. If your device can use a barcode scanner, this option should be deactivated. If your device is using a Camera for scanning, activating this gives the option to scan barcodes using your device’s embedded camera.
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