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Print From Your Handheld in Business Central On-Premises

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Warehouse Insight offers the ability to print from your handheld to a local printer.

The following describes how to install the printer driver and configure Business Central to allow you to print from your handheld to a local printer. These instructions apply to any Business Central on-premises installation.

Install the Printer

  1. Sign in to the computer where Business Central Server is installed, using the Business Central Server Service Account.
  2. Install the printer driver and ensure the printer is listed in Devices and Printers.
  3. Configure the Printing Preferences and Printing Defaults for the printer to match the size of your report/label.

Configure Business Central

  1. Go to the Printer Selections page.
  2. Expand the Printer Name drop-down list and make sure the printer you just installed is available. You do not need to add an entry here, you are just verifying that the printer is available in Business Central.
  3. Copy or make note of the Printer Name.
  4. Go to the Warehouse Insight Device Configurations page and open the configuration for the handheld you want to print from.
  5. On the General FastTab, enter the printer name in either the Label Printer Name or Regular Printer Name field, depending on the type of printer. You must enter the printer name exactly as it appeared in the printer selections in step 2.
  6. Close the page and reload the configuration on the handheld.
  7. You will now be able to print from your handheld.

Test Print

  1. In Business Central, go to the Report Selection – Insight Works page. Depending on your version of Warehouse Insight this page may also be called Report Selection – WMDM or Report Selection – IWX.
  2. Change the Usage to “Item Label”.
  3. For the Report ID, enter “23044900” (or “23044511” in C/AL environments).
  4. For the Printer Type, choose “Label Printer”.
  5. From the Warehouse Insight home screen on your handheld, open the Item Inquiry application.
  6. Scan an item. If you do not have a barcode you can manually select the item with a double-tap on the item or by tapping the item and selecting Menu > Choose—or, if your handheld has a physical keyboard—tapping the item and pressing Enter.
  7. Select Menu > Print.
  8. A message “Document is queued to print.” will appear on the handheld and the item label will print to the label printer specified on the Warehouse Insight Device Configuration page in Business Central.


The “Document is queued to print.” message on the handheld is a generic message that indicates the print request was sent to the server. It does not indicate the print was successful. If your label is not printing, please check the Windows Event Viewer Application Logs on the computer where the Business Central Server is installed. Look for an entry of type “Error” that relates to the print request and review the details for an explanation of why the print failed.

Figure 1 – Windows Event Viewer

Common causes of a print failure include:

  • The printer not being correctly installed per the instructions above.
  • The printer being offline or the print queue being paused.
  • The Printer Name being incorrectly entered on the device configuration in Business Central.
  • Trying to print a report that does not have the correct top level data item for the print context on the handheld.
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