How to Create Shipment Manifests in Dynamic Ship

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Less than load (LTL) carriers require a manifest for the driver to ensure they have picked up the whole shipment. This page shows you how to produce the shipment manifest report to include with the shipment.

Note: Shipment manifests are optional for all small package carriers except for Canada Post. The remaining small package carriers receive their manifest data electronically and do not require a printed copy.

Generate a new shipping manifest for Canada Post

Complete the following to generate a new shipping manifest for Canada Post. For carriers other than Canada Post, see the Generate a new shipping manifest (not for Canada Post) instructions below.

  1. Search for Dynamic Ship Carrier List.
  2. Ensure that the Manifest Report Handling is set to Carrier for all Canada Post entries.
Note: For Canada Post, the carrier report receives an online PDF generated by Canada Post. These manifests must be generated daily before pickup. Since 3rd party billing accounts are considered a different carrier, one manifest needs to be generated for each Canada Post account that was shipped that day. If the manifests are not generated the same day as they are picked up, they fail due to missing the processing deadline. If a package is not manifested before pickup, create a new, unprinted manifest to mark it as complete, preventing the system from picking it up on future manifests.
Dynamic Ship Carrier List

Generate a new shipping manifest (not for Canada Post)

Carriers other than Canada Post can be left on the default of System for their manifest reports. Complete the following to generate a new shipping manifest for a carrier.

  1. Navigate to Departments > Dynamic Ship > Shipment Manifests.
  2. Click New to start a new manifest.
  3. Tab off the manifest number to let it auto-fill.
Note: The Location Code defaults to the current user’s location. You can change it to any other location the user has access to.
  1. Select the Shipping Agent Code that you want to use.
  2. Select Get Shipment Documents.
  3. Select the desired license plates and select OK.
  4. Select Release and select Print Manifest Report.
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