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Dynamic Ship has numerous flexible configuration and usage options for its system and processes and can be further customized beyond those options. For further customization, Dynamic Ship has events that enable you to extend or alter the default behavior.

The events are published within the DSHIP Event Publisher codeunit. There are multiple ways to see a full listing of events:

  • View automatically-generated documentation here.
  • Use the AL: Find Event feature in VS Code and filter by codeunit dship event publisher.
  • Use IntelliSense and the following event stub: [EventSubscriber(ObjectType::Codeunit, Codeunit::”DSHIP Event Publisher”, ‘ctrl+space’, ”, false, false)]
  • Use the Event Recorder within Business Central to set which events trigger when while performing an action.

Previously, Dynamic Ship relied on an extensibility codeunit to handle extending or altering the process. As of the 2.7 release, we recommend using the available events. They are more numerous and more easily used than the extensibility codeunit. Here is a project that details which events replace which extensibility events.

Although we recommend transitioning existing code to events, the extensibility codeunit will not stop working. If you require assistance transitioning from an extensibility codeunit to an event, contact Support.

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