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Display a Custom Image on Your Device

You can add a custom image to the home screen of the Warehouse Insight application on your device. This can be useful if you want to display corporate branding information, or if you have multiple device configurations and you want to see which configuration your device is using at a glance, without having to go into the configuration menu on the device.
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Modify Scan Behaviors

When scanning or manually selecting an item on your handheld you will often be presented with a quantity dialog screen where you can adjust the quantity, unit of measure, and item tracking information (if applicable) for the item you are handling.
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Simulate a Scan

WMS Express is designed to be used with a barcoding system. You will often be prompted to scan a document, bin, or item. If you do not have a barcode to scan, and there is no way to manually enter or select the required information, you can simulate a scan using the keyboard on your device.
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