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1. Introduction

This document is intended to provide an overview of the basic usage and capabilities of the Warehouse Insight application.
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2. Overview

This section will describe those general concepts and subsequent sections will detail individual modules. Where applicable the individual modules will override the general behavior described here.
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3. Main Landing Page

The initial interface is broken into several applications. The typical default installation will look like this:
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6. Advanced Inventory Count

The “Count” application is used to perform inventory counts. The application acts as an interface for the “Advanced Inventory Count” product and is an optional purchase. If you have not purchased the product you may instead use the “Basic Count” application.
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7. Basic Count

The “Basic Count” application can be used to perform inventory counts, when the Advanced Inventory Count application has not been purchased. The Basic Count primarily acts an interface around the Physical Inventory Journal. If the Advanced Inventory Count application has been purchased it should be used instead of the Basic Count.
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8. Receiving

The “Receive” application is responsible for handling inbound transactions.
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9. Put-Aways

The “Put-Away” application is responsible for handling Inventory Put-aways and Warehouse Put-aways.
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