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7. Device Configurations

In order for the devices to connect to Business Central at least one Device Configuration must be created. Navigate to the “Device Configurations” page in Business Central.
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6. User Logins

The sign in information is combination of the User ID and Web Service API Key (password). To check your user login credentials, navigate to “Users” in Business Central.
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5. Signing In

When the configuration has been completed or the configuration reloaded you will be presented with a Login screen.
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4. Configuring the Software

After all the previous sections have been completed you will now be able to run the Warehouse Insight application on the device if it is not already running. After initial launch you will be presented with the Welcome or Configuration screens.
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3. Device Installation

While the specifics for setting up each device differ based on the make and model the general steps are applicable to all. Listed below are the general steps required.
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2. Extension Installation

In Business Central navigate to the “Extensions” page. From the “Extensions” page open the “Extension Marketplace”. This will open an external web site (Marketplace).
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1. Overview

This document will describe the steps required to install and configure the Warehouse Insight application for Business Central SaaS.
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